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"Simply Delighted Customers"

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“Simply Delighted Customers”

I recently had lunch at Burtons Grill in Virginia Beach and everything was absolutely awesome. I learned the phrase “Simply Delighted Customers” from something that I read, printed, copied and faxed to a restuarant owner many years ago. Probably before the internet as we know it today. The phrase has stuck with me ever since and I love to use it to describe exemplary service and the attitude that fosters such behavior.

While at Burtons Grill a customer came into the restaurant with his laptop. He asked the server/bartender if there was a table with a power outlet so that he could hook up his laptop. This very articulate young grad student (wish that I could remember his name or have it printed on the receipt) showed the guest to a table and pointed to the ceiling where a power outlet was visible. The guest promptly replied that the outlet was pretty high and the server replied no problem. In less than two minutes he appeared with a 10 foot step ladder and an extension cord.When the guest saw the ladder and the extension cord and the ladder he didn’t even look surprised although I can’t believe that he was not. Subsequently, the customer moved to the bar and the server plugged his laptop in behind the bar.

I never saw even the slightest bit of hesitancy on the servers face and nothing he did showed that he was even the slightest bit phased by the customer. He acted as though everything he did for the customer was just part of the deal.

I was really impressed by his actions and recalled how many times that I have heard the simplest of requests while in restaurants and can’t remember a time when I have seen someone so willing to serve the customer. How many times have you asked for something in a restaurant and been told “no” or “sorry”, or “that will be an extra $.25”? To see this guy in action really made me think about the difference between the really good restaurants and the mediocre.

My hat is off to the people at Burtons Grill, they know what it takes to create “Simply Delighted Customers”, when in Virginia Beach be sure to check them out, they really are doing a great job.

Burtons Grill

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