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Top Marketing trend of 2009

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Top marketing trend of 2009:
Social media Brands looked to Facebook
and Twitter to connect with fans. By Christa Hoyland
In 2008, many brands were starting to experiment with social
media as a way to build their marketing muscle, and by mid-2009
social media initiatives were being built into marketing strategies
across the industry. Facebook and Twitter were key to fast casuals
finding creative solutions to attract and retain a new kind of
Smart brands such as Red Mango used the sites to connect
with customers, and actually sought and rewarded customer input
and attentiveness. In November, Red Mango offered its 100,000
Facebook fans a $1-off coupon when its fan page reached that
follower milestone. The next month, the company asked its fans if
they would visit more often if the stores offered a line of all-natural
fruit and yogurt smoothies, and hundreds of fans posted enthusiastic
positive responses.
Brands also learned how to leverage the sites as effective
customer service management tools. As more brands did so, a
number of new technologies emerged to help track customers’
online conversations. The tools helped brands address customer
service issues and provided insight into what people were saying
about their overall customer experience.
For 2010, look for brands to find more ways to use social media,
including the creation of branded video channels. A small handful
of restaurant chains already have a YouTube channel, and
forward-thinking ones will use those sites for more creative branding
opportunities. The outlet has potential for a new form of restaurant
marketing, a la The Food Network. Instead of turning to cable,
consumers may soon be learning how to cook from their favorite fast
Those who find new ways to
use social media will be ready
for the next technology wave, said
Adam Sarner, research director at IT
consulting firm Gartner Inc., which
specializes in social CRM.
“The need to communicate
(stays the same) but the
technology and where people are
going to communicate does change,”
he said.

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