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Nutritional Information for Restaurants

Posted by: In: Uncategorized 03 Jul 2010 Comments: 0

Does your restaurant currently furnish your guests with nutritional information? The big question is whether you should if you are not already. Recently, Panera Bread offered calorie counts for every item posted on their menu boards, do you think that is a competitive advantage for them?

I have been researching to different platforms for restaurants to obtain nutritional information for their guests. In an effort to help independent restaurants I have been working dilligently to understand the benefits of these two programs. Fortunately both platforms are very effective and unlike so many of the programs that are offered to restaurants these actually add value to the restaurant.

I believe the need for restaurants to provide nutritional information is increasing. It is being fueled by a variety of factors not the least of which is Obamacare. Additionally, local governments and municipalities are dilligently proposing menu labeling laws and companies are promoting wellness programs. Has anybody seen Michelle Obama and the anti-obesity campaign that she is promoting for the children of the US?

Did anyone see all the Chef’s at the Whitehouse?

Obamacare will require it for for chains exceeding twenty units I think that many restaurants have dismissed the idea when they realized it did not apply to them. I think that many are missing a tremendous opportunity when competitors fully embrace the implementation of nutritional information in their operations.

I am always looking for innovations, processes, and products that benefit the independent restaurant community and researching both of these platforms has been very interesting. I am going to say emphatically that I am not compensated by either company for endorsing or testing their products.

Would you like to know who they are and what I have discovered?

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