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Tasteful Design: Restaurant and Bar Design Awards

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Tasteful Design: Restaurant and Bar Design Awards

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By NileGuide

In the world of design, there are bars, and then there are bars. The same goes for restaurants – at some places, the food is good, but the atmosphere is not so memorable. At other places, the atmosphere almost improves the flavor of the food and drink.

Just having completed its second contest year, the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards, are managed by an independent group of judges interested in nothing but the finest in eatery design and concept. The contest accepts entries from around the world, and winners stretched out as far as Thailand. The ceremony itself was held at the Victoria House in London, and was orchestrated by Cinimod Studios, who managed to make the event fully interactive for everyone in attendance.

The event itself was decidedly modern, as were both the entries and the winners. The entrants are judged in eleven categories, with one winner selected in each – with no double dippers. Categories include Best Independent Restaurant (London’s Galvin La Chapelle), Best Independent Bar or Club (Newcastle’s theCut), Best International Bar (The Tote in India), Best Lighting (Thailand’s SOUND), and others.

Finally, the photography of the competitors is mesmerizing. Concepts abound which, at initial investment, must have been undoubtedly expensive, but important for articulating a particular restaurant’s unique sense of ambience and culture.

For the design auteur, the contest meant an assemblage of important designers and restaurateurs. For the everyday restaurant-and-bar-goer, the contest means new places to visit, catalog, and judge against your own standards.

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