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High Impact Hospitality

Posted by: In: Restaurant 28 Jan 2011 Comments: 0

High Impact Hospitality: Upgrade Your Purpose, Performance, and Profits by Chase LeBlanc


· A pocket mentor for assistant managers

· A leadership “conversation starter” between working managers and their supervisors

· A must read for owner-operated start-up ventures in the hospitality industry

· The ideal companion for HQ employees in need of insight into field operations

· A complimentary text for students working toward a degree in hospitality management

· A common sense introduction to the hospitality industry for hourly tribe/team-mates with managerial ambition

· Real world tactics and tips that will complement any hospitality management training program

· An essential addition to any hospitality manager’s tool kit

Ken Blanchard, author of Raving Fans, Gung Ho, and The One Minute Manager series says…

“Chase LeBlanc is a veteran of the restaurant management industry and really knows what he’s talking about. His expert advice will kick start your journey toward improving your value as a manager. High Impact Hospitality is a fresh and enjoyable read.”

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