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“Tips for Improving Your Tips” by David Hayden

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"Tips for Improving Your Tips" by David Hayden


Although there are no doubt endless quantities of books written on customer service, there are very view that are written to the customer touch point that matters most in the restaurant industry…the servers!

David Hayden has done a great job of providing an absolute guide that is not only an indispensable guide for servers but a way for restaurants to ultimately train and reinforce their waitstaff effectiveness.  It is easy to see that David is speaking from many years of practical experience and not espousing theories that are not relevant to the restaurant business.

What is so critical about “Tips…” is that if everyone in the restaurant applied the techniques and principles in this book, not only will your actions produce simply delighted guests who are loyal to your business but you will have a happier waitstaff.  Simply delighted guests love to tell their friends and in this age of “social word of mouth”, and because of the law of attraction the restaurant will attract the best servers.

“Tips..” is a cornerstone of what I like to call “Building Your Brand from the Inside Out” and a must have for any restaurant that has servers that can make or break your business.  Ultimately, any good restaurant owner has already shared these processes with your staff but bringing in “Tips…” will help reinforce and insure that your servers are delivering the kind of service that you expect and most importantly the kind of service that will produce raving fans.

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Disclosure: I am a restaurant guy who works for a food distributor. I share Winning Strategies, Processes, and Innovations for restaurants. “Tips…” is not only a winning strategy, it is a process that your staff can implement to make you and them more money. I am not compensated for this review, but hopeful that you (the restaurateur and your staff) will makes lots of money with this book.

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