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OpenMenu, Online & Mobile Restaurant Menu

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Just wondering how many restaurants understand the power of OpenMenu.

OpenMenu is a free service that allows a restaurant to enter your menu in a space that integrates with your existing website as well as your Facebook page. Facebook integration is as simple as adding an OpenMenu tab to your Facebook business page.

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OpenMenu is easy to enter  your menu and most importantly, it allows you to maintain your menu in one place. OpenMenu is a powerful platform that creates opportunities for search engines to actually push your restaurant to search. When you build your free site on OpenMenu it automatically creates a mobile website for your restaurant.


OpenMenu gives you a free mobile website

Complete menu viewable from mobile platforms and with a premium option you can change the color palette and attach pictures to each menu item. When you need to change or update your menu, just change it at the OpenMenu site and your mobile is automatically updated.


Restaurant Category Menu

OpenMenu allows users to view you menu offering on a mobile device without having to download an app and the premium plan allows you to add pictures to every offering.


Individual Menu Items

Your customers can view your offerings in vivid color on their mobile devices. OpenMenu uploads pictures easily without having to re-crop or resize.


Directions on Mobile, too!


I have tested a number of solutions for updating and posting your restaurant menu, some of which cost more than $500 a year. OpenMenu offers a free account to any restaurant thats wants it and a premium account is only $240 a year. On August 8th OpenMenu announced a new language translator that will automatically translate your menu into multiple languages. OpenMenu continues to improve it’s platform as is fast becoming the ubiquitous standard for displaying, viewing, and searching restaurant menus online.

Take a look at a real restaurant website with OpenMenu by clicking here. Want to see it on your mobile device just scan the QR below. This particular restaurant has had over 600 views in less than 7 days. More importantly, we are able to see that that over half of the views originated from the website, a quarter of the views were mobile, and the remainder were divided between search, Facebook, Twitter, and OpenMenu.

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